The Gruva Design

The Golf Gruva is built on the principle of the multi-plane-swing. Unlike other swing trainers, the Gruva training system fully simulates the complex arc of the professional swing, integrating the different and independent back- and down-swing planes into one smooth motion.

The Golf Gruva's unique patented design makes it the first system to also influence proper rotation, wrist technique, and weight transfer, swing principles which are difficult to teach and take years to master. The Gruva works by using a guided swing-path with unique features that catch bad habits right in their tracks and provides real-time physical feedback to improve your swing immediately.

Make a great swing and you'll feel it, and since you can hit balls right out of the Gruva, you'll see it, too! Use your own 7 iron with our protective club cover, adjust the Gruva for your height and flexibility, and experience a product that is all-encompassing, a complete swing solution. Whether a beginner or a seasoned golfer, the Golf Gruva is simply the best and easiest way to improve your swing.