Message From Inventor

After 15 yrs of coaching, I needed to uplift my regime in order to make a real difference to my clients. The traditional method of explanation and demonstration only presented a picture of what needed to be achieved and relied on the clients understanding of that picture to transfer that information into a physical move.....with limited success

Wayne Berry followed this Chinese proverb:

  • I hear I forget (explanation)
  • I see I remember (demonstration)
  • I do I understand (application)




The last application approach in the golf lesson was missing. I couldn't have my students feel the swing path. It was at this point that I knew I had to invent a swing aid that would allow you to feel sound technique. My dream was to create a swing aid that incorporated all the swing fundamentals required to successfully strike the ball with distance and accuracy and, with time, groove that technique while hitting balls in order to ingrain confidence with their new found swing.