What is Golf Gruva?

Golf Gruva is dedicated to the development of the game of golf and to make improvement sustainable and achievable to all.

The Gruva Design

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Introductory Video

Golf Gruva Features

Wide Back Swing

The guide rail and rotation flap ensure adequate rotation and swing plane

Seamless Transition

The transition gate ensures adequate extension and transition to down-swing plane

Narrow Down Swing

Weight transfer and perfect club position for increased speed and power through hitting area


Using this innovative and amazing machine has not only developed and strengthened muscles and tendons in my arms, but has been critical in rapidly improving my golf swing. ...

Marilyn Gibbs

Having recently returned from a long lay-off, I am back playing and coaching. But my swing has been wonky for the past few months and although I 'thought' I kn...

Daphne Sole

I've only been working with the Golf Gruva for a few days now, and I must say that the product is really helpful!!

Etienne Olivier